New Changes.

Last week our daughter turned 4-years-old. We can't believe it's been that long since we welcomed her into this world. Since COVID-19 has caused delays and cancellations -- we decided to put some serious love into our daughter's room instead of throwing a birthday party. Before she was born I spent months getting her room ready. After a few years, we moved her to another room to make space for our foster girls. Now, she is back in her original room and it needed a serious face lift. Aurora liked her room but she didn't have anything unique that fit her personality. So we decided to add a few cute items to bring it back to life.

Aurora's big girl bed. I bought the pillow cases and duvet cover from Amazon.

I found this floating shelf idea on Pinterest. and my husband copied the look.

A little goes a long way.

We decided to paint her room a light pink. I didn't want the color to over power the room. I wanted it to be more of a simple but beautiful addition. Next, I found a white simple duvet cover and pillow case with a ball fringe. Again, I wanted something simple but had little girly touches. I knew I wanted to add flowers to her room so I looked for colorful throw pillows to add to her room. I fell in love with the water color flower pillows. I ordered them thinking they were going to be 4 throw pillows. Instead, they were pillow cases. I used to fluff to stuff the pillows; which quickly fixed my mistake. I also added a shelf with simple decor. I bought a lined drawing of dancer to place on her shelf. I then added a family heirloom tea set I inherited from my husband's family. I added a few green things along with a handmade doll I made Aurora from fabric.

I wanted to find a way to include Aurora's love for ballet.

I made this rag doll inspired by "The Little House on the Prairie" book series.

A place to inspire dreams.

I knew I wanted to create a special space that was cozy where Aurora could read her books. My daughter loves to look at books so I made sure to include a reading area. My husband built these book shelves out of pallets before she was born. They we're originally in her room before. I washed some white paint over them and painted pink lettering. I will have to say my FAVORITE part of her room is her hammock swing chair. I knew that a cozy place to sit would really bring that reading corner together. The best part is my daughter can't stop looking and asking us to read her books. Since we created that space she wakes up with a basket full of books each morning for us to read through. I'm so happy I decided to focus on making this corner of her room extra special. Sometimes she lets her little brother join in on picking out a book to read.

She loves it.

I can say with confidence that Aurora LOVES her room. I still have plans to add some wall decor above her bed and behind her swing. We also need to redo her closet to improve the storage space. Even though we have to add a few more things, I think she is pretty happy with the results. It's proof that all you need is a little paint, Pinterest and some creativity to make a bedroom a special place filled with love.

"Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks."

Dr. Seuss