Something old and something new.

For years photographers have made sure to capture the bride's details on her wedding day. But I've noticed a shift in how photographers are capturing these photos. Photographers used to grab each detail alone. Now, photographers are placing the bride's details (the ring, perfume and shoes) altogether for an elegant photo. I'm such a fan of this because as a bride, you picked each one of those tiny items for your day. Once you put them on, you often forget they exist. One of my favorite things to do as a wedding photographer is not only capture those pieces, but add some new items as well. A recent purchase of mine was vintage stamps by Flourish Fine Writing.

The Final Look

I'm so happy with the way these photos turned out. I have to say that I'm finding new ways to make detail shots more elegant and romantic. These stamps really do bring out the colors and vintage feels. Here are some other photos from that shoot.

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