A million details.

We are almost done with 2020 which means proposals are about to overload our social media pages. I'm so excited! Next will be brides planning every detail of their big day. After almost two years of photographing weddings, I've seen a few items that really make a HUGE difference when it comes to capturing beautiful photos for clients. Many of these items are not what you think. Brides, here are FOUR things you need for your wedding day.

  1. Cute hangers. This is probably my biggest complaint as a photographer. You have these gorgeous dresses on ugly plastic hangers. This seriously can make or break a wedding dress photo. Brides, please invest in a cute hanger for your dress. Etsy shop has great ones to choose from at low cost. I would even suggest giving your bridesmaids personalized hangers as gifts or ask them to do the same. You don't want to look back on your wedding day photos and notice ugly hangers holding up your expensive dress. (P.S. I do come prepared so no worries, future brides.)
  2. It's all about the veil. This might be more of a preference but I LOVE veil shots for my brides. It's the accessory you need for your wedding day. You don't have to get a super long veil (however, I do love those) you can get one that matches your dress style. I would suggest getting a veil that at least comes down near your elbows. This really helps in hiding your arms if you're super self-conscious. It's also easier to work with when I'm trying to drape it around you for some cool under the veil shots.
  3. A beautiful bouquet. I know weddings have a budget and real flowers are pricey, but your bouquet is probably your most important accessory to have on your wedding day. The veil is your second. Photographers can do so much with a beautiful bouquet. It gives us a great spot for ring shots, it adds more pop in bridal detail photos and its always fun finding ways to incorporate it throughout the day. If real flowers are too much for you and your bridesmaids then I would suggest you get a real bouquet for you and use fake bouquets for your ladies. Can I also say that this was one of the top 3 things I regret from my own wedding? Seriously, my bouquet was a hot mess. I picked mine up from Kroger on the way to my venue. It looked half dead as I walked down the aisle. I still cringe when I see that sad bouquet.
  4. Girl, get pampered. Before you say, "But Heather, I don't wear a lot of make-up" or "I can do my own" just hear me out. Your wedding day is such a special day for you and the last thing you need to worry about is your hair and make-up. Unless you're a professional and you don't trust another soul. Let's talk hair first. You want your hair to be its best on your wedding day. I don't know about you, but when I do my hair at home it looks fabulous. As soon as I start redoing that same hairstyle for a major event -- well it looks awful. Find someone who will work with your taste and style. Someone who loves doing hair for weddings. Sit back and enjoy it. That brings me to make-up. You are either a natural face bride or a glam bride. It doesn't matter what style you want -- make-up artists can do either. That's why they are professionals. Ladies, you want your face to have something on it for your photos. You can get your make-up done and still look natural. A naked face will not show up well in photos. You won't like them. You need at least some foundation and mascara. This will also cut down on major post-editing for your photographer. You might be asking, "where do I even find a make-up artist or a hair stylist that specializes in weddings?" Well, I have you covered.

I have what you're looking for.

I love partnering with other wedding vendors in my area who have the same passion as I do. They not only are great at what they do but they love it. Here are the two ladies I support 100%. Please feel free to check out their pages. Don't forget to mention who sent you.

Ashley Troxel is a professional make-up artist who has a lot of experience. She is a recent bride herself and truly loves what she does. When she's not doing make-up for brides she is working with pageant contestants. How cool is that?!

Nidia is an amazing hair stylist who I took wedding photos for when she renewed her vows to her husband. Nidia also cuts both my husband and son's hair. Nidia is such a sweet person with amazing talent. She truly has a wonderful gift.

I hope these suggestions were helpful for you or a bride you know. Again, this is all from a photographer's perspective on what really helps pull photos together that you'll really want to be flawless.

Are you a recent bride? What's something you would have changed on your wedding day? Photographers, what are some other items you would add to this list?

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