Congratulations! You're engaged!

Okay, so I'm so excited for you and I may not even know you. What can I say? I'm a sucker for love and romance.

It's probably been a few days or weeks since your fiancé popped the question. (Doesn't that sound so weird to hear? You should say it out loud a couple of times.) Now, you're trying to figure out what's the first thing you need to do. Here are few tips I suggest you go ahead and tackle now.

Pick a Wedding Date

This will be the first question you will be asked when booking venues, a photographer or florist. It may be a simple task but some couples struggle finding a perfect date to fit their schedules. Not to mention an unpredictable year. It might be a good idea to have a second date chosen as back-up.

Make A Budget

Can I be honest? You don't want to start your marriage off in major debt. It's not worth it. Sit down with your fiancé and decide on an overall budget. An easy way to help you get an idea is by thinking about how many guests you'll invite, what type of venue you want and so on. Go ahead and add your honeymoon cost to this budget as well.

Find a venue

As we head into 2021, this part of the planning process might be hard. There is no telling what 2021 will look like for weddings so getting a head start on booking a place can help you when it comes to state and county mandates and changes. I know many venues have already rebooked couples from 2020. Be flexible with your date because the venue might determine what day your wedding takes place.

Book a Wedding Photographer

You knew I had to add this one in the topic of discussion, right? Couples usually book wedding photographers right after they book a venue. This assures them that they have someone scheduled to show up and capture all the special moments. If you need some tips on what to ask a photographer then head to my Experience section on my website for more info.

In case you're wondering, yes, I am booking for 2021!

Stay Organized While You Plan

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There's a million things to keep track of while planning a wedding. Why not have something to help you stay organized. Sam Mthews is passionate about all things weddings. She has created a series of wedding planners to make sure your day is everything you've pictured.

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